A dream between the earth and the sky


to dream…

A green pruning is carried out in mid January during veraison thus leaving only 10 hl/acre. The picking period is usually around the first week of April. Due to the long season, the ripeness is slow and reaches optimum results.

The grapes are picked by hand in the very early morning and brought directly to the winery.

The Patagonia land

a natural paradise...

The Rio Negro Valley in Patagonia seems to be a natural paradise for vine growing. The dry climate, with a mere 7 inches of rainfall per year and a maximal humidity of 30%, makes the area free of diseases. The atmosphere has remained unpolluted, pure and pristine, in an ancient and original equilibrium with the environment, thus favoring an optimum photosynthesis. This genuineness claims for respect towards nature and consequent artisans attitude.

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